3 thoughts on “Haven

    1. After a journey through the Moses Coulee (a deep, wide and dry ravine) and an explore of Hwy 2 (see “On the Road”, a couple of posts back) the tiny town of Waterville was a haven indeed! A refuge from the dry lands behind me.

      Then, at a crossroads, I see another haven … a pretty grassy area with a pergola and a cool concrete table and benches. In this picture, you can see the pergola in the foreground. A retreat to enjoy a spot of lunch!

      Oh, but another haven is right in front of me… a sweet little coffee stand. Of course, I order up a London Fog (steamed milk, Earl Grey Tea, a touch of vanilla extract). The baristas have time to chat … about their community, their plans. This is indeed a sheltered space to share with strangers.

      Ah, as my gaze turns to the background … I see the sanctuary of a little church. Yet another haven, this time for the peace of God … which passes all understanding! Oh happy day indeed!

      Finally I notice a cell tower in the left corner … surely this is a haven for those who are tied to their phone, and have been denied signal while meandering across the barren land.

      A few more than 1,000 people call this “safe harbor” home. I call it a haven.

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