3 thoughts on “Cycles …

    1. Off in the distance I see the blue skies, puffy clouds, fresh evergreens and cool forest breezes of summertime. Oh, it’s coming indeed. Nearer, I see the budding of poplars stretching their white arms … as if awakening from a deep sleep. I can hear the birds jumping from branch to branch chirping in delight! Spring is upon us! And closer in the photo is the remnants of winter: pure white snows, dormant light brown grasses resting for the seasons ahead.Winter has passed oh too quickly, and the restorative crisp air and silent times of reflection are passing too! Lastly, I’m standing on a carpet of pine needles punctuated by bushes that are standing amidst their shed leaves while next to green growth that seems ready to do the same. It feels like autumn, surrounding me in its rust colors!

      This picture reminds me of the cycles of the seasons … and the cycles of our very existence. Hope you enjoyed the snapshot!!

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